Genuine Leather Designer Earrings

Weightless earrings created from a variety of colors patterns and textured leathers into an array of shapes sizes and styles for all generations of women.

Sparkles ✨

LeeAnns weightless genuine leather earrings designed with an overlayed sparkle. A variety... 

Printed Collection

The printed collection is a variety of genuine leather with a printed... 

Shapes, Sizes and Styles

LeeAnns offers several shapes in leather earrings; Small Teardrop, Small Leaf, Small Kite

Medium Keyhole and Medium Peek-a-Boo Medium Teardrop, Medium Leaf and Medium Kite

Large Keyhole and Large Leaf

Seasonal Favorites such as Hearts, Moons, Xmas Trees and Fleur-de-lis are always available online

Multimedia collage